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Social PR Forum London 2009

Six Degrees (Six Degrees) - 04 December 2009

Social PR Forum London 2009

Social PR ForumSocial PR Forum, Conference & Event PR 2.0, How PR is shifting with Social Media. 
Social PR is a one day conference designed to address the issues surrounding PR and the social media space, how they are impacting on each other and how PR professionals can relate and work effectively within the new challenges web 2.0 communication channels bring.

The event is to be held on 04 December 2009,  at RIBA London.

Show highlights include
  • Learn from global PR companies who have successfully embraced social media
  • Understand what products and services you should be using, and how to use them well
  • Listen to top commentators and experts on their take on why social media can be effective in PR and why not to fear it
  • Learn how to seamlessly introduce social media into your way of thinking and into your employees
  • Listen to how award winning campaigns utilised the social space successfully
  • Understand how offical bodies view PR in the social media space
  • Network immediately with our first-class pre-show online meeting planner

Key Speakers include

  • Robin O'Kelly, Head of Corporate Affairs, T-Mobile UK
  • Dominic Burch, Head of Corporate Comms & New Media, Asda
  • David Barker, Head of Online Communications, British Heart Foundation
  • Tom Malcolm, Campaign Manager, Diffusion PR
  • Chris Reed, Director, Fishburn Hedges
  • Plus many more

More information about the event can be found at

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