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2nd International Workshop on Interactive Media Art, Technology, Cultural Heritage

Inglobe Technologies (Inglobe Technologies) - 12 March 2010

In collaboration with MEDIARS, Inglobe Technologies will sponsor the 2nd International Workshop on Interactive Media Art, Technology, Cultural Heritage to be held in Contigliano, Italy from July 10 to 23, 2010.

Inglobe will donate the Augmented Reality plug-in for Google SketchUp ($ 100 license value) to each participant at the full program.


In the castle of this breathtaking, medieval town in the heart of Italy, student and professionals from all over the world are invited to study and experiment how to merge innovative interactive technology with history and culture. The workshop provides conceptual background and technical skills to develop interactive installations for arts, museums, facade projections and cultural exhibits. Also, previous works done by MEDIARS members will provide examples of the work process.

It is a 2-week full-time course on visual arts, media theory and technology in their relation to the place. The workshop is designed for students, scholars and artists from architecture, design, media arts and science fields. Classes are in English with a high quality tutoring, they are thought for the students to produce at the end of the training, an interactive multimedia art work that will be exhibited in the Roman underground historic center. Moreover, this experience abroad has already established an ongoing and growing dialogue between international artists.

This workshop is organized by the non-profit association MEDIARS (Centro Sperimentale di Media Interattivi per l’Arte e lo Spettacolo) in collaboration with the local municipality and with nternational faculties and scholars from the University of Southern California, University of Florence, University of Berlin, University of California, Los Angeles and California State University.

With regard to the final work the students will use the technology owned by the Center, and they are free to bring theirs as well. The teachers would support and work as facilitators for the students to get the collective projects done.

July 10 – 23, 2010

The fee also includes housing, meals and transportation.

Deadline to apply April 30 – apply at info(at)mediars(dot)eu

more info at and

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