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3rd Annual Global Clinical Trials Connect 2019

Corvus Global Events - 08 May 2019

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3rd Annual Global Clinical Trials Connect

Date: 08-09 May 2019
Location: Holiday Inn London, Kensington High Street

The Global Clinical Trials Connect 2019 conference focuses on introducing pioneer technology, developing better patient engagement and collaborating strategies in clinical trials. With the right commitment and attention to detail, contract research organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies can drive collaboration with greater efficiency.

This conference will bring together the industry experts and leaders across pharmaceutical, biotechnological and CROs for brainstorming on case studies on innovation, collaboration and existing clinical data to headway the Clinical Trials process. clinical trial predictive models are accumulated by enterprises, methodologies in trial design and many more. This two-day conference intends to address the global health and clinical trials around the world.

The other innovative areas that will be addressed by eminent speakers in this area are new technologies, effective and quality collaborations to address issues, which can cater to the needs of the patients and the industry. Bioethics, regulations, patient recruitment, site selection, data integration, outsourcing, vendor management, quality, risk-based monitoring, clinical auditing and financial planning that play a key role in clinical trials will also be addressed.

Super early bird 530.00 + VAT, only until 14 December 2018.

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