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The 9th Annual Customer Service Summit West NYC 2019

The Incite Group - 23 October 2019

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The 9th Annual Customer Service Summit West NYC

Date: 23-24 October 2019
Location: Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA

The Customer Service Summit West
(Oct 23-24, NYC) brings together an unrivalled list of senior leaders from the world’s most powerful and innovative brands. Purpose-built to guide you seamlessly into the future of customer service, CSS is the ultimate opportunity to ensure your team is ready to meet changing customer demands.

Be part of a community of 300+ support leaders exploring the cutting-edge of how brands can stay one step ahead of the customer. Join this movement to reimagine the role of customer service and take your place center stage as the face of, and driver for, the entire business.

Incite Group Customer Service series events feature speakers from Mastercard, Airbnb, Delta, Hilton, T-Mobile, Samsung, Wells Fargo, Citi, Home Depot, Intuit, Symantec, Comcast, Facebook and gain actionable insight into 2019’s biggest challenges and opportunities:

Scale Flawlessly: Ensure quality and consistency as your support teams grow and adapt to ever-growing customer expectations as you futureproof your support structure for 2019 and beyond

Synchronize Channels:
Provide intuitive 24/7 self-service, match tone-of-voice and fully embed social, web, chat and portal into your contact center operations

Implement Automation: Build a business case for your 2019 innovation strategy, connect the data dots and effortlessly implement, machine learning, AI, chatbots, speech analytics and so much more

Bring customer experience to the center of the business:
Gain senior management buy-in, prove ROI, and move from reactive support to proactive success

Upskill Agents and Leaders: Empower agents with the latest technology and innovations, diversify skillsets, supercharge onboarding, and unlock the potential of your agents

Visit the 9th Annual Customer Service Summit West NYC website or contact Jasmine Kees for more information.

Keep up-to-date Facebook, LinkedIn, Incite Group website, Twitter @Incite_Group and hashtag #inciteCS.

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