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2021 Italy Vending Machine Expo (Virtual)

Guangzhou Zhihuiyun Technology Development Co., Ltd. (An online and virtual conference) - 07 April 2021

Italy Vending Machine Expo (Virtual)

Date: 07-13 April 2021
Location: A virtual and online event

Considering the ongoing pandemic and China’s rigorous “14+7” days quarantine requirement, it’s unlikely for overseas visitors to attend Chinese trade shows in person anytime soon.

2021 Italy Vending Machine Expo (Virtual) Cloud Momentum APP downloadHow to attend our virtual trade shows?
  • For PC users, please the visit website, and for phone users, please download app Cloud Exhibition by scanning our QR code on the right;
  • To login to our platform and chat with our exhibitors, please contact us so that we can help you create an account and save you the trouble of registration or please register an account by yourself directly, please remember to input the invitation code: 6105172319;
  • A new user guide will be sent to you to show you the features of our platform. You are also welcome to seek our help in making appointments with our exhibitors.

Review of the ASEAN and Russia Virtual Expos
The ASEAN and Russia expos have concluded with an amazing success, attracting visitors from 50+ countries and regions and 200+ premium exhibitors to showcase 2600+ top-line products. Over a dozen association and buyer representatives sent us their congratulation videos, including Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA), Spanish Vending Association (ANEDA), International Society of Automation (ISA), and so forth.

2021 Italy Vending Machine Expo (Virtual)
Date: April 07-13 2021
(From 00:00 of the 7th to 24:00 of the 13th, Beijing time)

Exhibition scope
  • Vending machines, self-service kiosks, unmanned retail solutions, smart retail equipment, retail display fixtures, payment solutions, cold chain;
  • Arcade Games, amusement rides, VR/AR/MR games, multimedia theatres, unpowered play structures, inflatables, attraction design, construction and management, live shows and performance;
  • Water park equipment, water slides, pools, saunas, spas, water sports equipment, pleasure boats;
  • Other leisure products, such as cue sports equipment, children’s toys, gifts, and etc

All Events of the 2021 Games, Amusement & Vending Expos (Virtual)
All shows will begin at 00:00 of the first day and end at 24:00 of the last day, Beijing time.

2021 Italy Vending Machine Expo (Virtual) Cloud Momentum APP download banner and app image

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2021 Vietnam Theme Park & Toys Expo (Virtual) April 7th-13th
2021 Dubai Games & Amusement Expo (Virtual) May 25th-31st
2021 Brazil Virtual Exhibition on Amusement, Party and Toys June 7th-13th
2021 Euro Games & Amusement Expo (Virtual) June 24th-30th

Vending and retail related events date

2021 ASEAN Vending & Retail Expo (Virtual) Complete
2021 Italy Vending Expo (Virtual)    April 7th-13th
Russia Smart Retailing & Commercial Expo 2021 (Virtual) April 22nd-28th
Philippine Vending & Commercial Expo 2021 (Virtual) June 7th-13th

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

China VMF Committee
Mamie Ma (Ms.)
Email: and
Mobile/WhatsApp +86 198 6575 9723

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