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Anoomi is a new social music application for creation of music playlists from the songs that friends share in Facebook has announced its Beta release.

Anoomi enables people to easily play and share music, discover what their friends are listening to, and create playlists for free. By smooth and easy interface, the application collects songs for selective friends and creates a playlist that enable pleasant and continuously listening.

Users join by logging-in through their Facebook account. The application allows creating a playlist by selecting friends, allows to invite friends, and to share playlists across the social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and etc...)

For every song on the list, the user can see the friend's name that brought up the song, the date on which he post, and the comments he wrote, . The user can also manage the playlists, delete specific songs from a playlist, delete the entire playlist and to check which Facebook friends have also added Anoomi.

Each song is pulled from YouTube and been checked to validate that its non-private songs, skits or commercials.
OwnerEyal Shalom
Launch date01 January 2012


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