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BrandChats focuses on gathering and sorting every bit of information relevant to your brand. Everything from brand mentions and the competition to the keywords that are related to the business is monitored and measured in real time. You can monitor anywhere people are talking about what matters to you, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, or blogs, forums and news sites.

Brandchats monitors like no other system. Not only does Brandchats deliver a lower false positive count than any other Social Media Monitoring tool, it detects the language of content, analyzes the influence of the user, and focuses on content by its geographical location. The unique Bandchats system also rates the feeling or tone of the content, the subject matter, and the relevant semantic entities that it contains.

BrandChats was founded by Jordi Raich as he saw a demand with his larger clients to have a better handle on social conversations. The options available limited users to data that the provider found important and delivered static reports that offered little value beyond the marketing team. What started as a project for one client turned into a new way at looking at engaging with prospects and consumers.

Brandchats was founded in Barcelona, Spain and is developed by Tival Sistemes.

Tival is a consulting and integration firm, that provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in enterprise portal projects, business process management (especially for customer management, operations management and supply chain management and innovation and development of products / services), business intelligence, document management and collaboration. With an integration firm at the back end always looking at the ebst ways to integrate social media monitoring into an enterprise, Brandchats has a truly unique way of helping business become truly social.

OwnerKarl Goldfield
Launch date01 July 2009


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