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Genxm consulting, an enterprise Mobile Applications Development Companies announced and launched in 2007 and it is one of the first companies launched to be a part of the Apple iPhone and Google Android Developer Programs.  This company is responsible for delivery high end quality products for developing, designing and delivering innovative mobile applications for their potential customers.

Genxm consulting has focused for years on methodological analysis for assuring enterprise networks, but the apparent next step is to employ that methodological analysis to the germinating mobile environment.  You’re not actually securing anything unless you apply the same systems of measurement and vindications of your enterprise information security curriculum to your mobile devices. Active Defense for Mobile was the clear choice based on meeting these standards. They are the exclusively company able to fill an apparent and straightaway need for our customers, particularly as it pertains to regulations.

As organizations have begun planning mobile apps exclusively for their own customers and workforces, it has become clear that standard processes for building, testing and positioning test interpretations of applications are manual transmission, time consuming and cumbrous. That splintered development cycle has also built internal control and project direction difficult. AppLauncher cause to conform to standard and automatizes the compiling, testing and preparation steps, appropriating app developers to focus on inscription groundbreaking code.

The AppLauncher compiles metric unit on the condition of each app design. It then bears that response through all-inclusive dashboards that foreground an app’s in general technical health that shows the specific code violations. It also computes the count of hours and bucks demanded to trouble-shoot peculiar hang-ups. The software also automates app unit testing and incorporates with extraneous user interface testing tools.

AppLauncher is furnished with custom-make code quality analysis for iOS, Android and HTML5 application programs. These characteristics reduce risk during an app’s formulation cycle by alarming project managers to general problems in the code. AppLauncher promote concentration of the app build and preparation process by connecting companies’ existing source check and mobile device direction systems – as soon as a new construct is finished, the company can beam it to all the test devices in the field.

Launch date03 October 2012
OriginUnited States



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