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Habbo Hotel
Habbo Hotel is a virtual community owned and operated by Sulake Corporation. Habbo Hotel is aimed at teenagers, and it combines the two concepts of a chat room and an online game.

The game is centered around Habbos, virtual representations of its members. Each character has a different name, and is identified solely by this name. The service's other focus point is virtual furniture, which is often called "furni" by players. This virtual furniture can be bought by players using credits, which are bought using real-life currency. This furniture and the credits used to buy them can also be traded between users.

The game is also centered around The Habbo Way, which are the standards and rules which all Habbo players are expected to follow, or face a ban from accessing the hotel for a certain amount of time.

Source: Wikipedia
TypeVirtual World
OwnerSulake Corporation Limited
Launch date01 August 2000


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