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Dorothy Anderson


Anderson’s  purpose is to provide quality writings that both educate and bring 

              enjoyment. Empowering the mind is packaged in colorful ebooks.




Anderson’s  Confessions’  and  Powergeneses teaches students, musicians, entrepreneurs and others strategies of success and opportunity awareness. These strategies are encouraging and motivating.  A visit to will get you on the path to success.


Believers’ Confessions is a timely devotional offering colorful graphics, empowering words to build confidence  and employs well being. Confessions’ gives meaning to life and addresses many concerns of day to day living.


Believers’ Confessions is like a living scroll with words of praise and thanks. The rhythmic expressions lighten your spirit and let you know that you are somebody. Get with the wonderful flow of glory and enjoy your copy at 


Powergeneses I The Power To Redesign Your Future:  This is a presentation expressing a number of solution as to how to implement strategies and to take steps in writing goals and being successful. Get information on careers and business. Build your confidence and develop a likening for music. Visit


Powergeneses II  The Acts of the Universe. Take a futuristic journey and meet others as well learn of other cultures. Find out about time travel and instruments yet to be created. Discover the world past and future.  Visit



Dorothy Anderson has a more than a  10 year history of writing. She’s spent more than 20,000 hours studying health, musik and ancient biblical text. She has several degrees. Currently she’s working on a book detailing successful living. It will be sharing major insights and secrets of wealth building.


OriginUnited States


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