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MelZoo is planning on becoming one of the most Mindblowing Mega Projects ever on the internet.

This project is based on only one single question: Can become the world's leading Search Engine?

To reach this goal, MelZoo has already launched a beta website on This Meta search engine, offers "visual previews" of the search results. In other words users will receive much more relevant, quality information. Most existing search engines are not offering this. This major advantage results in a much better user experience. MelZoo is confident that this time-saving and result-increasing feature will invite a lot of internet surfers to switch from their traditional search engine to MelZoo.

This preview feature has an enormous impact on the ‘quality of traffic’ delivered to advertisers: the traditional search engines are offering typically only text as a teaser. Chances are that users who enjoy the luxury of a detailed thumbnail preview, will be a lot more selective in visiting the sites they are interested in. This results in a higher effectiveness of use. The chances of "conversion" (i.e. from hit to buy) is currently estimated 5 times higher than with traditional search engines.

Above and beyond the above, another major strength is the fact that MelZoo is a Meta Search engine because this engine displays the results of different searches in one place.

MelZoo does possess the intrinsic qualities and has the potential to become number 1 in the "Search" market, thanks to a much better user experience and higher quality traffic for advertisers. Both the visitor and the advertiser benefit!

But most importantly : MelZoo is a virtual place where "top level professionals" can collaborate with the objective of creating the world's leading Search Engine. MelZoo is a unique place where top skilled: Software Programmers, Managers, e-marketers, etc... can contribute to the growth of MelZoo as volunteers. Their motivation to do this voluntary work for the MelZoo project: adding a high-value reference to their list, getting to know new high-profile individuals, gathering experience, know-how and expertise and of course the thrill and fun of joining and being part of this "huge" project. Volunteers contributing substantially may be invited - at a later stage - to join the MelZoo organisation. MelZoo is bringing the smartest brains in the business together to reach its objectives.

Launch date01 January 2009
OriginUnited States


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