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Narratrs offers an on-demand, self-serve influencer marketing automation platform that connects brands and agencies with micro-influencers.

The platform is available on web and mobile for micro-influencers to monetize their creativity, content, and audience on social media. Meanwhile, brands and agencies can utilize Narratrs to create and manage micro-influencer marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.

At the core of our platform is its community of micro-influencers, who receive up to 10% higher engagement rates than macro-influencers. They are also more creative, diverse and authentic. Our social distribution engine has helped brands like Visa, Guinness, Montblanc, Microsoft, and many others with crowdsourcing content from the community.

Why Narratrs
  • Narratrs advocates original content – it’s not a distribution point for branded content alone.
  • Brands and agencies could benefit from micro-influencers’ drive to create original, unique content and steer away from the common combination of influencers and branded content.
  • The Narratrs’ platform allows brands and agencies to engage a group of micro-influencers and activate their campaigns quickly – cutting through the usual red tapes and solving the issue of lengthy lead time.
  • A macro-influencer may be brilliant, but she cannot be more brilliant than 200 micro-influencers combined.

Narratrs is a platform owned and operated by One9Social Pte Ltd.
OwnerOne9Social Pte Ltd
Launch date24 November 2016


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