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Nibi Software Group's focus is technology that emphasizes

  • Collaborative learning.  The focus is on community-based interaction -- the sort of "wiki" model used to build - vs. the model of a single teacher talking and everybody sitting quietly and listening)

  • Video-based learning.  The collaboration is built today around videos of experts giving talks on interesting subjects, and involves people providing "deep links" that link, not just to a video, but directly to a specific moment in a video. . . and then provide additional context and explanation to that video moment through either annotation (commentary) on it, or through links to other reference material (e.g., other videos about similar topics [if the speaker is talking about "codependency", it might provide links to other videos or references on specific symptoms and treatments]; biographical information of the speaker [videos, Wikipedia text, other scholarly writings], etc.)

  • Social Media.  Nibi Software uses popular communication technology today - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. -- to build and connect these communities of experts and like-minded individuals.

The company has seed funding and its first customer, a subsidiary of the Boston school district (run by Jose Salgado, East Boston's "Man of the Year," last year, for his work in turning one of Massachusetts' worst schools into one of its best). 

"Nibi" is an Ojibwe Indian word meaning "water," and Nibipedia is meant to imply "stream of information," a constantly growing, dynamic information source.  The company has developed an exciting platform.
OwnerDave Dix
Launch date10 December 2008
OriginUnited States


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