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Snap, share and store your mobile photos for free!

NowThen ( is a free and addictive mobile photo-sharing service that lets users communicate and express themselves via camera phone snapshots.

NowThen originated as an internal SMS/MMS communication tool used within blinkx because our team is spread throughout the US and UK.  Eventually, we all had such a good time with the photo messaging feature that we decided to make the service available to the public!

How does it work?

As a NowThen member, simply add friends, MMS or email your pictures to us and we’ll instantly forward them to the phones of your NowThen network of friends. Likewise, you can receive your friends’ photo updates to your phone too.

We also provide our users with free web space where they can easily store, share and access their photos. There are no applications to download - just a quick registration process and users can immediately begin sharing mobile pictures!

OriginUnited States


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