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Second Life
Second Life is a burgeoning new online society, shaped entirely by its residents. Participants join a world full of people, activity, and fun a constantly-changing shared reality where they can choose their own goals travel and explore, claim and build on virtual land, make friends and socialize, or vie for status and wealth. In Second Life, residents can:
Explore a boundless world of surprise and adventure
Fly through a 3D living landscape full of exciting places and things such as buildings, stores, clubs, sports arenas, and cities all created by other residents.

Create anything they can imagine
Change their appearance to look like anything an imaginary superhero, a mythical monster, or their own mirror image. Or, change their surroundings. Through simple but sophisticated 3D creation tools, residents can build houses and communities, design furniture, create clothing and art, invent weapons and other objects, or even collaborate with others to build a major civic work or an entire city.

Connect with new and exciting people
Join a vibrant society bustling with people and activities. Residents can make friends at a wide variety of fun events, such as dance parties, treasure hunts, private get-togethers, and fashion shows. They can also host their own social events and parties.
Compete for fame, fortune, or victory
Second Life offers many ways to play and win. Residents can test their skills in sword- and gun-fights, enter trivia, dance, or comedy contests, play in sports events, or compete in games of their own invention. Or, they can try to outsmart the economy or build their reputation to become the wealthiest or most popular resident.

Source: Linden Lab

TypeVirtual World
OwnerLinden Research, Inc
Launch date01 January 2003
OriginUnited States


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