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Social Media Analysts
Social Media Analysts? has engineered and developed the infrastructure, along with the relationships to lead in providing social media solutions to companies and organizations worldwide that grow and increase the effectiveness of your business. A sampling of our services is noted below:

Social Media Analysts? ? Social Media Solutions Portfolio?
-- Content Assessment helps customers quickly evaluate their marketing,  product or brand assets with brand vision, core message to insure maximum synergy with social media.

-- Social Media Solutions can include management, content services, moderating and more. We utilize internal and external research platforms and systems to acquire, categorize and analyze consumer data to determine an appropriate social media strategy and implementation plan. This plan answers the questions of What? Where? and How often?

-- Character and Cause Social Media Readiness Assessment compatibilty between a product, cause or brand and various social media outlets, niche market segments, events and promotions and the resultant impact on the brand or message.

-- Social Media Training and Workshops  In these one, two or three day workshops you'll learn how several businesses, marketers and celebrities are using the changing social media environment to generate new forms of recruitment, promotion, communication, and revenue. Learn how to use and master social media tools to support your human resources efforts and/or to move your brand forward.  These hands-on workshops will show you how major and trend leading companies are shifting their communication efforts to work in this changing environment - and how you can do it too.
OwnerGrapevineStar Entertainment Inc.
Launch date15 November 2007
OriginUnited States


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