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In October 2007,, a pioneering online book community for teenagers launched.  The site is a stimulating and entertaining portal into the world of books, run by teenagers themselves. Control of the site is in the hands of a core editorial team of ten teenagers aged between 13 and 18 years, supported by a large network of contributing teen editors from across the UK. The site is a teen user-generated interactive magazine, readers? discussion space, young writers workshop, fan network, creative community, bookshop and literature-inspired place to play and learn, that allows us to speak directly to our audience quickly and efficiently.  User-generated content means there is a seamless collaboration between Penguin?s unbeatable pool of writing, illustrating, designing, editing and publishing talent and the ever-expanding legion of creative, internet savvy teenagers around the world.


OwnerPenguin Books
Launch date09 October 2007
OriginUnited Kingdom


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