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The Copywriter's Blog

The copywriting blog

For some time I fought against the advice coming from various quarters to create a copywriting blog. The number of blogs littering the web seemed so enormous that my instinctive donít-follow-the-herd attitude went into overdrive.

But then I came up with my Small Change charity concept, which really demanded a blog. Writing in my natural voice as opposed to the various styles required for project-driven copywriting was a breath of fresh air.

I didnít want to create something that would become a bind or a drain on my time and neither did I want to generate so much copy that any readership disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

SoÖone article a week or thereabouts, related to the fields of copywriting, copy editing and proofreading. Iíll discuss everything from articles to website content, style guides to substance over style.

And just because Iíve worked with and for some wise and wonderful people, authorities in their respective fields, the copywriterís blog will feature articles from guest bloggers from time to time; topics to include branding, design, website design & build, accessibility, SEO & internet marketing, confidence & image, public relations and more.

OwnerAH Copy
Launch date01 June 2009
OriginUnited Kingdom


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