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The Vorsphere

Airolusion provide a wide range of Blast Proof Containment unit's ideal for airports to act as Bomb Proof Litter bins and for check point security containment units, for the safe containment and removal of suspicious and explosive devices.

Our trademarked product range the 'Vorsphere' starts with small portable units to contain 150 gm explosive devices and increases in size and capacity to contain explosive devices in excess of 5kg of military specification explosive.

The Vorsphere units are re-useable and are manufactured on a bespoke basis to suit portability, flexibility, size, capability and environmental location.

The Vorsphere range has been created and designed to combat any potentially explosive device and situation.

We will design Vorsphere containment units to fit your personal and environmental requirements.

The Vorsphere units are designed to be a fixture or transported on a wheeled base unit, a trolley or any mode of transport. The Vorsphere unit's do not need to be secured to the ground and can be made to fit under desks; disguised is an office unit and fit through standard doorways.

The internal and external dimensions can be adjusted to suit your requirements. 

The Vorsphere comes with a bespoke containment lid to suit certain environments. 

OwnerAirolusion Ltd
Launch date20 August 2007
OriginUnited Kingdom


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