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TotalPaas, Inc., a new web based technology innovator, has launched its offering of a hyperlocal social media-marketing platform for community leaders building personalized online communities.  TotalPaas debuts its platform to service providers such as telecommunications and cable companies, newspaper publishers and health companies seeking to build and monetize community focused portals.

Utilizing the TotalPaas portal technology called PortalPaas?, community leaders can efficiently deploy their online social platform serving local news and events while fostering community exchanges of what?s happening in the neighborhood.  PortalPaas enables the delivery of hyperlocal personalized content based on member interests, activities, news, social groups and media choices.  Through personalization and behavior relevancy analysis, PortalPaas drives up hang-time, captivates the audience, promotes local economic growth and allows monetization of the portal from effective delivery of targeted local advertisements.

OwnerTotalPaas, Inc.
Launch date14 October 2009
OriginUnited States


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