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Trendi is the ultimate place to find fashionable clothing and accessories. But more goes into rocking the next major trend than finding a piece with potential. A girl's gotta know what's now - who's wearing it and what to pair with it - to decide what's coming next. On Trendi, you can...

Spot what's now - Trendi shows what real trendsetters think about the latest from established and emerging designers, plus hip brands and stores around the world. We built our voting system so items and looks on the rise get the most style points, stable trends show up without stealing the scene, and worn out fads are clearly sorted for the recycling bin.

Start what's next - Votes pour in around the clock to show what's hot the second it hits. Looks give hints on how to dress like fashion's darling and spark more than a few admirers. How you keep your closet fresh makes a statement about what real women are loving and leaving. Our website responds to the trends as they unfold, and you (finally) get credit for making fashion happen.

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- Trendi has partnered with hundreds of stores, online boutiques, and independent designers to create the ideal shopping site. When you discover a lovable new look or score irresistable items from jeans to jewelry, your friends should be the first to know. You can socialize with a profile and photo gallery, email your wishlist to anyone, and write reviews that tell the whole story.
Launch date12 May 2008
OriginUnited States


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