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Unitedcats is the cats' home on the web.

Here you can make a website for your cat, take a look at other people's cats, pat the cats, post comments and communicate with other cat lovers. is free for everyone.

Create a website for your cat
Here at you can create a detailed page for your cat - add his/her breed, date of birth, lifestyle, favourite food etc.
All the members can pat the cats and post comments. The homepage for the cats will look like this

Communicate with other cat lovers has a huge forum, where you can ask for advice about veterinarians, your cat's health, eating habits, cat trainings or anything related to cats. It's a place to share your experiences and opinions.

Discover cats
Create yourself an account and become the member of even if you don't have a cat yet - there are lot of nice photos waiting for your comments. Besides that you will have the chance to communicate with other cat lovers via catgie-mail or our forum.

You never know, might just be the place where you will find your new kitten!

Source: Unitedcats
OwnerUnited Dogs and Cats Ltd
Launch date01 June 2007


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