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Uniteddogs is the dogs' home on the web.

Here you can make a website for your dog, take a look at other people's dogs, pat the dogs, post comments and communicate with other dog lovers. is free for everyone.

Create a website for your dog
Here at you can create a detailed page for your dog - add his/her breed, date of birth, lifestyle, favourite food etc.

All the members can pat the dogs and post comments.

Communicate with other dog lovers has a huge forum, where you can ask for advice about veterinarians, your dog's health, eating habits, dog trainings or anything related to dogs. It's a place to share your experiences and opinions.

Discover dogs
Create yourself an account and become the member of even if you don't have a dog yet - there are lot of nice photos waiting for your comments. Besides that you will have the chance to communicate with other dog lovers via doggie-mail or our forum.

You never know, might just be the place where you will find your new puppy!
OwnerUnited Dogs and Cats Ltd
Launch date01 June 2007


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