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Viadeo ( is an online business social network with over 1.6 million members in Europe, and over 1 million additional members in its Group Company Tianji ( Viadeo and Tianji are growing at nearly 140k members per month.

Viadeo is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese, and will soon be available in other languages.


Viadeo members use the site to:


       develop a trusted public profile and a network of trusted business contacts in an easy to use and secure online environment;

       find clients, suppliers, business partners, key business information, recruit or be recruited;

       create or join ?hubs? or special interest areas and community forums and blogs to exchange information and views  etc


The origin of the company lies stems from the decision of some 20 fast growing companies in France in 2000 to form an ?offline gentleman?s club?. The principal aim was to facilitate networking between these companies and access key business information. By 2003 with over 100 companies the need for an online internal business tool was identified which led to the development of the tool known as Viaduc.

Viaduc, which was only available in French until mid-December 2006, attracted almost a million members within two years. Following the raising of first round venture capital funding in mid 2006, the decision taken to internationalise the company and the business name of the company was changed to Viadeo in December 2006.  Offices were opened in London, Milan, Madrid and Munich.  As of 1/10/07 Viadeo  has about 80 staff.


Launch date01 October 2003


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