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WeCanDo.BIZ is a website where individuals can find quality businesses that have been recommended by their own network of contacts. It is free to join.

If you are in business, you can promote your own organisation on WeCanDo.BIZ for free, then invite your customers to come and endorse your business. Every customer endorsement assures you greater promotion on our website. It creates real business opportunity.

Benefits for individuals

  • Find quality businesses that have earned the endorsement of our members
  • Establish a network of friends and colleagues and share your business endorsements
  • Easily view which businesses the people in your network use and recommend
  • Connects you to the best businesses in your neighbourhood or nationally

Benefits for businesses

  • Promote yourself as a quality business to our fast growing membership for free
  • Establish a network of customers and suppliers and collect endorsements
  • The more endorsements you collect, the higher your business gets listed in our results
  • Extend the reach of your business - get promoted to everyone that people in your network connect with (your network plus their networks)
  • Get quality leads - people who have had your business recommended to them
OwnerWeCanDo.BIZ Ltd.
Launch date07 April 2008
OriginUnited Kingdom


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