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Zeeders, the second Generation social networking platform for the stars of which we believe everybody can be if fair chance is given to all.

Zeeders helps in bringing most advanced networking principle of real life unto the web. This will increase the quality of interaction within the community and thus show how real social network should be run.

Since in a real social environment, we have friends, families, fans, mentors, people we criticize, people we love. We have been successful in bring a these in to internet social experience by layering all connection modes into zeeders core functionality.

When you browse to someone's profile, you won't just see a button that will ask you to add the individual as friend or follow such, but listening(zeeders connection mode) are done by you making your choice. If you think you are friends - then you listen as a friend, or the individual is a celebrity - then you listen as a fan etc.
OwnerOyinlola Israel
Launch date05 February 2012


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