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horsesmouth is a safe, purpose-built, confidential website for informal ‘e-mentoring’.  


An online social network with a social purpose: to connect people seeking support, guidance and inspiration on the important issues in life, with others who are willing to give - from the benefit of their own experiences.  horsesmouth uses the power of the web to scale the transformational effects of mentoring across the boundaries of geography, circumstance and opportunity.  It's the opposite of antisocial behaviour.


From starting a business to starting a family; from living with cancer to life as a carer; from being in management to being in recovery; from which NVQ to whither an MBA, what did you do right?  What do you regret?  What pearls of wisdom would you pass on?  The skills and knowledge you've gained could be invaluable to people facing the same choices and challenges; people you might otherwise never meet and who would never be lucky enough to meet you.  And because life is a great leveller, we all have something to give and gain here.  That's why we like to think of it as a wisdomocracy.

OwnerMT Rainey
Launch date30 November 2007
OriginUnited Kingdom


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