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The Jury Team works together for the people that the politicians forgot. That is just about everyone in the country apart from the small and elite political class. We intend to 'open up and clean up' politics. We will give back to people their pride in their country and its institutions. We will let them become the ultimate jury.

You can support us in many ways. We are now looking for people to become candidates to become MPs at the general election expected in May. We will help good candidates to get elected. Step forward and make a difference or stop complaining:

      • When elected you will agree to help to pass legislation for the thirty Proposals on this website on the basis that these will not become binding until agreed by an authorising referendum of the electorate.  
      • You will otherwise be free to use your best judgement in addressing other issues which come before Parliament.   You will act in the interests of the country and of your constituents rather than as "lobby fodder" for the leadership of a traditional political party.

We know that people support the following policies but the existing parties have failed even to discuss most of them. We will champion these policies and press for democratic reform.  

OwnerJury Team
Launch date15 March 2009
OriginUnited Kingdom


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