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Rated 0/5 offer a wide range of benefits, a few to name are:

  • Site provides a user-friendly interface through which you can access thousands of free television channels, such as terrestrial channels and those provided by producers, independent studios and broadcasters.
  • Categorized free streaming Internet TV channels into genre, region or country to make it easy to find channels of interest.
  • put you in complete control. Once logged in, you can create and personalize your very own profile "MyTV" page, save the channels you like to watch, converse with others and state your opinions.
  • Through site, you can access customised RSS feeds, widgets on blogs and external sites, desktop Windows vista gadgets, Apple dashboard TV widgets and various devices.
  • You can be a part of a buzzing online social networking community and socialise via forums, live chat, channel commenting, groups and profiling that finds similar members.
  • Social networking, tagging, channel rating and commenting are some of the ways you can engage with our online platform for expression, public opinion, feedback and participation.
TypeCommunity Limited
Launch date06 February 2007
OriginUnited Kingdom


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