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New social network that offers users cash rewards for participation

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 18 January 2008

A new social networking site that generates revenue for its users has launched today.
Advertisement rewards its community with points for participation, and these points are then transferred into real cash.  Some of the ways that Ximmy users can earn points is by submitting news, video and images and posting comments.  For example, one point is received per story submitted, one per picture and 15 points per published news item -- 1000 points can be redeemed for $10.00 USD.  

Richard Ung, senior executive of says, " is intended to offer its users a unique opportunity for social networking, and to interactively blend interests in sharing and reading about social issues, while making money at the same time.  Ultimately, everyone wins either by sharing their favorite stories or reading great content, and potentially making money."

Ximmy is also an affiliate program that earns Ximmy users $0.50 for each new user that signs up on behalf of their promotion on their own blog of website.

The site also works like a social bookmarking service, such as Digg, where the community judge on what news items are promoted to the front page.

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