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Mobile social network pushes services in to Germany and Spain

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 15 February 2008

Mobile social networking service, Mobango has today announced the deployment of localised versions in both German and Spanish.

Mobango allows users to publish, convert and share user generated content from their mobile phone.  Mobango founder and chief executive officer, Fabio Pezzotti says that the launch in the German and Spanish markets is key, and will substantially contribute to overall growth.

The company, founded in 2006 has made two key appointments to drive the push in to Europe; being Anton Zur and Paloma Furones, who has worked with Mobango since its conception.

Zur, who heads up the German market comments, “We have targeted Germany as it is one of the largest European mobile markets with 97 million subscribers.  According to ComScore 34 percent of Germans are also using mobile internet services, the highest rate in Europe.”

Mobango has a reported 2.5 million users worldwide, with its three biggest markets currently being the US, UK and India.

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