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New ad distribution network to target teens on social networks

Rachel Hawkes (Social Media Portal) - 20 February 2008

Youth entertainment company GoFish has released a new ad distribution network to connect advertisers with the hard to reach youth market.

Through the GoFish Network, advertisers will have the ability to reach 6-17 year olds through entertainment sites such as Miniclip, Cartoon Doll Emporium, Piczo and virtual world, Whyville.

GoFish’s executive chairman, Jim Moloshok says that more established players in the youth entertainment market are losing market share to individual sites, such as those in the GoFish Network.  Moloshok comments, “Our current reach dwarfs many of the top destinations in the Kids Entertainment category and provides advertisers with a one-stop opportunity to reach kids, tweens and teens participating in online activities with a high level of engagement.”

Ad networks, such as GoFish, provide independent sites with the opportunity to monetize their service whilst not increasing their overhead.   According to Comscore, kids and teens are in-directly responsible (through influence) of over $225 billion USD.

The GoFish Network helps bring advertisers’ message to the youth market, thusly increasing brand loyalty says David Fisch, GoFish’s vice president of publisher development.  “We work closely with Publishers in our network to offer unique, immersive advertising opportunities in the online environments most popular with youth audiences such as games, video, virtual worlds, and other social media,” concludes Fisch.

Advertisers from global brands such as Lego, Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney and Sony are currently using the GoFish Network.

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