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Exercise bragging rights with launch of new social network BragThis

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 30 June 2008


Launched today, is a new social networking that allows its users to share their brag stories about their “abilities, achievements, adventures and absurdities.”  BragThis’ motto is “Please check your modesty at the door.”

With the focus firmly set on actions and undertakings rather than on personal life facts, the breadth and detail of user profiles is deliberately kept to a minimum.  Instead, users are offered the opportunity to claim “official bragging rights” or “boasts” for their exploits – a boast being defined as a bragging right supported by all or any of the various types of evidence that can be published on the site. These include audio, photo and video posts and sworn testimonies. It is also possible to subpoena witnesses and friends.

In return for his or her entries, the author of a "Boast" can hope to receive digital certificates, awards, trophies as well as a given quota of points or stars. Stars are used to establish the user’s rank against other braggers, visible at all times thanks to the Leader Board feature.  “Boasts” can be further circulated by posting them to the searchable network or to the user’s primary social network or social bookmarking site.

The site was produced by Advertology, LLC. The professed objective of its founder Michael Evan Reiss, is “to cultivate customer loyalty by creating an engaging and competitive environment."

Accordingly, the atmosphere of friendly rivalry it purports to foster is turned to commercial advantage through the Show Off functionality, a system for ordering merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs or mouse pads, all customized using “boast”-related images and metrics either downloaded from the site or generated and uploaded by the user. The items created in this fashion can be submitted to a jury of other site-members. is currently released as a Beta. It has been announced that coming versions will implement several new features and greater levels of interactivity, most notably by providing opportunities to compete with other users more directly and for real prizes.

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