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BuiltOnAWoman, a new social network for women launches

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 07 July 2008


Launched today, a new online community aims to unite women from all age-groups, nationalities and social backgrounds to share their knowledge, experience and thoughts on all the practical issues they have to deal with in their daily lives.  Initiated by Central California nurses Laurie and Shellee, works on the premise that women from the world over can all find common ground and mutual benefit in a combined effort to address their everyday concerns.

The site’s focus is set on providing straightforward, helpful practical knowledge, but it is otherwise unrestricted.  In presenting themselves, its founders say, “We're both moms and we're both nurses, but beyond that, we're different as night and day.  Shellee is all about saving the world, while Laurie is there just to make sure your lipstick is on straight while you're doing it.”

The topics covered thus far extend beyond the defining common issues of women’s health and motherhood to embrace a wide variety of issues that range from the serious (like how to cope with soaring gas prices or reduce one’s carbon footprint) to the just plain fun, such as make-up tips or advice on planning a baby shower.  The site is fully interactive in that it provides a platform where users can host their own blog dedicated to whatever aspect of female experience is of particular interest to them.

A functionality essential to’s international ambitions is its automatic translation feature.  Powered by Google, it currently allows for instantaneous translation of any textual content published on the site to and from twelve different languages including Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

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