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Virtual world Habbo strives to keep users connected with new toolbar

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 08 July 2008


Habbo, arguably the largest virtual world aimed at the teenage demographic, has announced a new community toolbar that will enable its users to keep in touch with what is happening on the site even when they are occupied on other tasks.

In keeping with the spirit of individuality that all virtual worlds strive to accommodate, Habbo’s new toolbar is engineered to allow for a high level of customisation.  Powered by web syndication company Conduit, the toolbar can be personalised using a wide range of applications such as chat, forums, community news feeds, My Habbo homepages, requests from the network and alerts as to which of the user’s friends are currently online.  

President for North America of Sulake Inc., Habbo’s parent company, Teemu Huuhtanen stresses the new toolbar’s potential for driving traffic to the Habbo website, “The functionality lets members see their friends, messages and Habbo news from anywhere online: It's a constant reminder of the community that's waiting for them, and therefore encourages them to keep coming back."

Comment by Ronen Shilo, chief executive officer of Conduit makes explicit a second underlying objective, "The secret for capturing the attention of the discerning and tech-savvy audience?  Delivering personalized content, services, and cool technologies in one, convenient location that suits their Internet lifestyles."

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