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Dailymotion dedicate homepage to US Presidential Election

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 27 October 2008

Dailymotion dedicate homepage to US Presidential Election


User generated content (UGC) site Dailymotion dedicates homepage to Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin over two days

Popular video sharing website Dailymotion has announced two days of political programming ahead of the upcoming US presidential elections, with only videos featuring the respective candidates appearing in the homepage.

On day one, 28 October 2008, Dailymotion’s homepage will be dedicated to the Republican Party nominees John McCain and Sarah Palin with Democratic nominees Barack Obama and Joe Biden featuring on the 29th October 2008.

Joy Marcus, Dailymotion’s general manager comments, “Dailymotion has always strived to feature the highest quality political content, whatever the source and mode of expression – from the most serious analysis to the most irrelevant satire.  As one of the world’s largest video sites, political expression is in our DNA, and we’re raising the bar by dedicating our site on two separate days to the upcoming election.”

Dailymotion users are able to upload their own political videos as well as view others by visiting the site’s Politics Schmolitics group, and using the Motionmaker program.  The site’s programming team will select videos from individuals as well as professional studios to appear on the dedicated homepage over the two day period.

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