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MySpace launches own advertising platform MyAds

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 13 October 2008

MySpace launches own advertising platform ‘MyAds’


Social network MySpace unveils MySpace MyAds advertising platform in US beta

News Corporation’s social network MySpace has today announced the official launch of its advertising platform, MySpace MyAds.  The new ad platform aims to give individuals and small businesses access to the MySpace community through a ‘do-it-yourself’ platform.

MyAds is customisable and allows user to create customisable with banners with and target specific audiences within MySpace through HyperTargeting.  Advertisers will also have the ability to track their campaign and analyse performance through the MySpace ecosystem.

MySpace’s president of sales and marketing, Jeff Berman, says that MySpace ads “blows the lid off” other display advertising solutions – particularly with the small to medium business market.  He goes on to say, “MySpace MyAds is a direct marketer’s dream – providing entrepreneurs with the most accessible, personalised, and targeted advertising toolkit in the market.  We’re giving businesses better ROI ASAP and in today’s economy, that’s a must-have.”

MySpace’s HyperTargeting’s technology enables advertisers to serve their ad campaign to the right audience by target parameters such as age, sex, and geographical location, alongside the user interest categories including specific keywords within each category.  Once the creative, audience and campaign length have been determined by the advertiser, the ad is reviewed through MySpace’s customer support to ensure that the ad does not violate MySpace’s terms of service.  The official press release issued today states that campaigns can be created and live within hours.

MyAds also provides campaign analytics allows advertisers to measure key performance indicators KPIs) including impressions, click-throughs and a running cost on active campaigns.  The campaign is charged when a user clicks on the ad (as opposed to when the ad is served) and advertisers can sent a variable ad spend from $25 to $10,000 USD.

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