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AOL’s Bebo improve application development platform

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 13 November 2008

AOL’s Bebo improve application development platform


Social networking site opens competition to find new applications and improves app development platform

Bebo, the social network recently purchased by AOL, has released new engagement tools and metrics for its application development community.

The announcement, which was made on the official Bebo blog, highlights improvements to the developer platform including new engagement and reporting that allows developers to analyse the time spent on individual applications, in addition to the percentage of returning users and the total installs.  This information will result in the developer being allocated an ‘Engagement Score’ which entitles them to increased benefits.

The Bebo blogger explains, “At Bebo, we pride ourselves on our extremely engaged community and we want to help you achieve similar success.  All applications will be given a dynamic 1-10 ranking, and those that consistently hold the highest ranking will be rewarded with increased access to viral channels, visibility, and opportunities to test Beta features.  The first reward will be the ability to send changes feed items to non-app users.”

Bebo are simultaneously launching ‘Bebo’s Engage to Succeed Today’ (B.E.S.T) developer challenge, which is sponsored by Sun Microsystem.  B.E.S.T aims to find new applications for the social network, and all new applications uploaded from today are eligible to enter.  Prizes include on-site promotion by Bebo as well as unnamed prizes from sponsor Sun Microsystem – with the winner being announced at a Bebo DevApp event in the first quarter of 2009.

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