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Digg users to talk with former Vice President Al Gore

Staff (Social Media Portal) - 04 November 2008

Social news site Digg users to talk with former Vice President Al Gore


Following the US Presidential Election, Digg invites former Vice President to answer questions from the Digg community

Social news site Digg has announced the next Digg Dialogg guest, former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winnder Al Gore.  

On 05 November 2008, the day after the US will see either Barack Obama or John McCain elected as the 44th President, Digg will welcome Al Gore and open Digg Dialogg for questions.  Gore, who is also chairman of Current Media, will face questions from the election, to politics, to the environment and the economy.  

Digg users can submit questions for Gore, with the most popular questions to be answered by Gore.  Kevin Rose, Digg's co-founder comments, ?These questions are unfiltered by editors or journalists, and represent the most popular questions as voted on by the community.  I?m excited and honoured to announce our next Digg Dialogg guest (Al Gore).  I can?t think of a better time to get the perspective of one of the most influential leaders of the decade.?

Digg Dialogg follows a joint partnership between Current Media, Digg and Twitter to keep users up to date with the happenings in the US Election.  Gore?s Digg Dialogg interview will premiere on Current TV at 10pm US EST, and be available to view on demand by 11pm. 

Digg will also Twitter highlights of the interview.

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