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Make Forum Upgrades Their Free Forum Hosting Capacity

Make Forum ( - 19 September 2009

Make Forum Upgrades Their Free Forum Hosting Capacity

Make Forum improves their feature list to be the #1 Free Forum provider.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Make Forum has now upgraded their hosting center to offer its users the fastest free forum experience on the market. Make Forum is now hosting over 200,000 forums and is quickly growing.

Make Forum
Make Forum

This bandwidth and speed increase in the server capabilities for Make Forum will help it maintain its standing as the #1 free forum hosting company in the world. This will also serve to accommodate the growing number of forums being created on the Make Forum platform.

Julie Moztate, head of marketing at Make Forum, is quoted as saying. "This brings our server capabilities beyond anyone out there and helps us make the drive to 1 million forums in the next 2 years."

Along with the upgrade in server capacity, Make Forum has integrated a market leading spam prevention solution. This means you will be able to enjoy your free forum without any of the hassle that the other free forum providers out there encounter. This also results in an overall speed increase in forum page rendering.

Finally, with this major upgrade Make Forum is poised to add features at a quick pace. "The amount of innovation that is coming out of the Make Forum offices is quite impressive" states Julie Moztate. "At this pace we figure to double our traffic in the next year and continue that trend in the extended future".

Features planned for the immediate future include premium services upgrade for our corporate customers, more customizable themes and colors, upgraded private groups, and virtual goods to give to fellow free forum users.

Make Forum will continue to support it's existing feature set, with an easy to use free forum posting editor, 2GB of free forum storage, and the ability to upload multimedia files to the forum in one-click. Make Forum provides you with powerful, free and fully customizable forums. A free forum will be instantly activated - it takes about 30 seconds to have a free forum fully functional and installed on one of our dedicated servers.

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About Make Forum


Make Forum is the #1 free forum hosting provider on the market. Started in 2007 it has quickly climbed to the top of the forum hosting world. Make Forum offers totally free forums for hundreds of thousands of admins. Make Forum also prides itself on great service and uptime. If you're looking for a forum for your business, or for your hobbies Make Forum is the place for you.


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