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Nibi Software Launches Education Beta; Limited Spots Available

Nibi Software Group, Inc. (Business Wire) - 09 September 2009

Nibi Software Launches Education Beta; Limited Spots Available

Web Based Learning Solutions Complement Core Curriculum Areas; Built with More Than 5,000 Educational Videos; Complemented by Curator Oversight, Annotations, Links

Nibipedia logoSTILLWATER, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nibi Software Group, Inc., ("Nibi Software") the provider of next-generation collaborative learning solutions, today announced that its educational beta site, built to host collaborative rich media projects for educators nationwide, is underway, with a limited number of spots still available. Educators interested in becoming beta testers should visit the Nibi Education Beta Testers group on Facebook as soon as possible.

Nibi Software has attracted wide interest from more than 50,000 Twitter followers with links to educational content on the Nibipedia Web site on multiple topics such as economics, religion, science, politics, history, technology, and aerospace. Howard Rheingold, who teaches at the University of California-Berkeley, was one of the first to be excited by Nibi Software and is implementing a version for his fall class. "It's really gratifying that so many educators are subscribing to our Twitter feeds and actually using our site in their classrooms," says Troy A. Peterson, CEO and Co-Founder of Nibi Software, "We're amazed at the number of parents and community members who are actually suggesting our site to their kids' teachers."

Nibi Software's flagship site, Nibipedia™, allows students and teachers to share videos, articles and other written information with an easy to use Web tool in a safe environment. Nibipedia uses a wiki construct to channel the massive learning power inherent in interactive collaboration. Amping up the educational model, Nibipedia introduces the explosive educational potential of well-crafted video into the mix. Using proprietary software, Nibipedia members can pinpoint any moment in video time, on any video in the Nibipedia database, and link to it, or link from it, in order to give additional context, explication, and depth to the subject. This functionality is unique to the Nibi platform.

Nibipedia is built to leverage all of today's highest-traffic social media platforms — including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace — as channels to feed and build high-quality, specialized learning communities. The site grows in value from moment to moment, as Nibipedia users annotate specific moments in video time with links to Wikipedia articles, relevant references, other rich content, and expert commentary. The result is stunning. Nibipedia offers educators, students, and corporate learners engaging, flexible, and accelerated ways to absorb information.

A growing, interactive learning project, Nibipedia serves as a model of the sort of collaboration zone that Nibi Software might design in more specialized fashion for almost any corporate client, educational campus, or academy.

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Nibi Software Group, Inc., is a software development company focused on using social collaboration to build, distribute, and share rich content. To learn more about how Nibi Software Group can help school districts cultivate interest, attention in students that produces measurably better results, or how your corporation can use Nibi Software Group tools to spread knowledge more effectively, write, or visit


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