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New Zealand Media Entrepreneur John Barnett Launches MyHeartwill

MyHeartwill (Business Wire) - 12 October 2009

New Zealand Media Entrepreneur John Barnett Launches MyHeartwill, a Global Social Legacy Network Designed to Create, Share and Store Family Memories for Generations

Site Enables Individuals to Easily and Securely Archive Audio, Video, Memories, and Letters Forever

MyHeartwill logoLOS ANGELES, SYDNEY & AUCKLAND, New Zealand--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New Zealand media entrepreneur John Barnett today launched his first Internet company — — a social legacy network designed to offer users worldwide the ability to create, store and share their memories in a safe and private online environment that will live for generations to come. MyHeartwill enables individuals to create an emotional legacy of their lives in the form of a “virtual safety deposit box” where digital representations of treasured memorabilia and dedicated expressions of love are stored and securely protected, with access granted only to designated family members and friends.

The website features state-of-the-art functionality to create Heartwills. MyHeartwill is a secure, online safe box, where you can store letters, photographs, recordings and copies of memorabilia. is also a place where you can create dedicated messages for friends and family which can be scheduled for delivery well into the future, enabling you to speak to the people you love even when you are no longer here. It is a way to pass on elements of your emotional life — the beliefs, values and experiences that shaped you as a person — in a place where they can always be found. Heartwills may be sent to mark anniversaries and special occasions celebrated by loved ones in the future that may take place when you are no longer available to deliver the message in person. is entirely safe and secure, guaranteed to last for generations and protected from public viewing. Each subscriber is asked to appoint a trusted guardian to act as a gatekeeper to their site. When the subscriber is no longer alive, the guardian will ensure that the Heartwills are passed onto designated family members and friends. The subscriber designates who will have access and the guardian oversees these wishes. There is also an option to elect a new guardian as necessary.

This web-based project captured the imagination of Barnett and is more personally inspired than commercially driven. The concept came to Barnett through close friend Jill Margo, a respected Australian health journalist, who co-authored the book Living On with her daughter, Emily Margo. An event close to home inspired them to write the book together. It was not initiated to make profits but was written to help others capture a sense of their lives, memories, thoughts and expressions in a “leave behind” format for those they love. Barnett recognized the need for an online mechanism that pays homage to such precious content and thus was born. Subscriptions for the site cost $199 USD for ten years, at which time the subscription can be renewed. If desired, subscribers can opt to receive a complimentary copy of the book Living On.

“Over the course of building, we’ve learned it’s as much a tool to adopt throughout your life, rather than just a parting gift for those you leave behind,” said Barnett, CEO of South Pacific Pictures. “Every single person we’ve shared the concept with during our initial test phase consistently tells us that they want to start using it immediately, and all represent a wide range of age groups, stages of life, ethnic groups and denominations.

New media pioneer Chris Adams, founder and president of Los Angeles-based Orbit Media Group, will serve as the North American General Manager for Adams consults with numerous media and Internet companies across the globe to create robust online brands.

“MyHeartwill takes users on a totally new journey — the site enjoys total privacy, it can be as simple or as detailed as you like, and it evolves at your pace — you can build it over time or create something meaningful in as little as an hour,” said Adams. “It’s gentle, it’s deliberate, it’s heartfelt, and I believe it’s the birth of a new online era.”

Background on Barnett and Adams

CEO of South Pacific Pictures, Barnett is recognized for bringing the critically acclaimed film Whale Rider to the world cinema, amidst a 35-year career as New Zealand’s most prolific producer of film and television. His career highlights include producing four of six of New Zealand’s highest grossing movies, overseeing the international success of South Pacific’s programs, initiating New Zealand’s first arthouse movie channel, as well as underwriting a Kiwi hip hop label specifically focused on Polynesian culture and music.

Adams has held game-changing roles at Facebook, Amazon, Glam Media and Comcast Interactive that have all gained strategic advantage from his expertise. Additionally, he helped build Participant Productions into a significant Hollywood player. While in this role, the company’s first slate of films such as Syriana, North Country, Good Night and Good Luck and documentaries Murderball and An Inconvenient Truth were introduced. These films are widely recognized for inspiring audiences to enable social change, and each production earned a raft of award-winning critical acclaim.

From their first meeting, Adams and Barnett discovered a professional connection. Barnett’s work with Niki Caro and Linda Goldstein-Knowlton, the Director and Executive Producer of Whale Rider respectively, was followed up by Adams when Participant Productions helped fund and produce Caro’s next film, North Country as well as Goldstein-Knowlton’s directorial debut, The World According to Sesame Street.

About MyHeartwill is owned by John Barnett, South Pacific Pictures CEO; Jill Margo, award-winning Australian journalist specializing in health media; Satellite Media, a mixed-media production company focused on interactive, television, magazines, digital video and innovations; and Chris Adams, globally respected new media pioneer, Founder and President of Los Angeles-based Orbit Media Group. The site has been developed by Satellite Media with the help of Emily Margo and under the consultation of Chris Adams. More information is available at


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