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Paul Wilson Announces the Release of the New Ebook '7 Step Success Formula' as a Free Resource for Online Entrepreneurs

Paul Wilson ( - 03 October 2009

Paul Wilson Announces the Release of the New Ebook '7 Step Success Formula' as a Free Resource for Online Entrepreneurs

Paul Wilson, an entrepreneur now specializing in Internet marketing, recently enrolled in a coaching program under the tutelage of the renowned Alex Jeffreys. As a consequence, he has written a new ebook entitled '7 Step Success Formula' that he is distributing for free to help others interested in learning from his experience.

 Devon, United Kingdom (PRWEB) -- Paul Wilson, entrepreneur and operator of Paul Wilson's Blog, is proud to announce the availability of his new ebook, '7 Step Success Formula' that can be downloaded at no cost or obligation from his blog site. The book provides a wealth of information for people new to Internet marketing, drawing on years of experience as well as his recent experience with the famous Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program.

Speaking of his recent successes with the Alex Jeffreys Program, Paul Wilson said, 'Alex Jeffreys has an unprecedented track record, and has taken me from having nothing online just a few short weeks ago, to now having a blog which is creating quite a stir and already receiving lots of traffic and comments.' The new ebook details what he has learned from both past failures and his current success.

Though written in an informal, conversational style, '7 Step Success Formula' is full of useful information and tips - as well as links to resources online - that would be of interest to any person starting out in the Internet marketing industry. As reviewer Marcus Passey commented on Paul Wilson's Blog, 'Easy to read and fantastic information for anyone who wants to make it in this business.'

The ebook begins by focusing on advance planning and developing an effective course of action to be successful online. Many people overlook or neglect the planning phase of their marketing operations and this frequently leads to failure when the official 'recipe' fails to work as promised. In the planning portions of '7 Step Success Formula', time is devoted to explaining why carefully planning out a marketing campaign is important as well as providing links to tools that can help new marketers lay out a comprehensive strategy.

The next portion of the book deals with how to set up an effective online marketing infrastructure. The emphasis here is on how to set up and successfully operate a blog, building email lists, and video marketing online. With respect to blogs, the point is not direct marketing but to provide the marketer with a platform to interact with friends and potential customers online; that is, the idea is to use the blog as a means of acquiring 'social proof' as opposed to selling a product directly. The topic of list building comes from the mentoring by Alex Jeffreys and provides both context as well as practical information on list building and maintenance. In discussing video marketing, Paul Wilson points out that YouTube is now the world's second largest search engine and discusses how this medium can significantly enhance any online marketing effort.

'7 Step Success Formula' also provides additional information regarding Paul Wilson's own previous experiences with diverse online marketing strategies as well of useful information on other topics. For example, one of the seven steps discusses analyzing your online traffic and how to use this information to improve your chances for success.

Paul Wilson is excited to make his new ebook available to the general public and sincerely hopes that others find the information contained in it as useful as he has.

About Paul Wilson:


Paul Wilson is a United Kingdom based entrepreneur that already runs a successful offline business and has been experimenting with online marketing for around ten years. After going through the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program, he has finally found a system that works and is excited to share this knowledge with others. His progress as an online marketer can be followed via his blog: and through the new ebook announced in this press release.