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B2B Search Engine Masterseek Partners With Marketwire to Showcase US Business News

Masterseek (Marketwire) - 12 August 2010

B2B Search Engine Masterseek Partners With Marketwire to Showcase U.S. Business News

Masterseek logoNEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire) -  Leading B2B search engine Masterseek and global communications provider Marketwire announce a partnership to feature news and announcements distributed through Marketwire on Masterseek's website. The real-time feed includes news issued by public and private companies and non-profit organizations representing 24 industry categories. Masterseek selected Marketwire to serve as its news-distribution partner because of Marketwire's full suite of communications services and its industry-leading search engine optimization tools. 

According to Rasmus Refer, founder, Masterseek Corp., "Masterseek already enjoys a reputation of being the most comprehensive provider of business-to-business search results. Our partnership with Marketwire multiplies the effectiveness of our search results many times over. Users can now keep themselves updated with the latest news on a much wider variety of business markets and the players that influence them." 

News, announcements and multimedia content distributed by Marketwire that is now searchable on the Masterseek site represent the following industries: aerospace and defense, automotive, computers and software, agriculture, chemicals, education and training, energy and utilities, electronics and semiconductors, environment, food and beverage, financial services, government, lifestyle and leisure, media and entertainment, manufacturing and production, medical and healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotech, professional services, retail, real estate and construction, sports, telecom, transportation and logistics, and travel and hospitality.

"This partnership opens new doors for Marketwire as well as for the many international companies that rely on Masterseek for up-to-date business information," said Hector Botero, vice president of Marketwire's Emerging Markets Division. "Marketwire achieves great brand visibility and Masterseek users gain centralized access to news and information that they could not easily find elsewhere. This is truly a beneficial relationship for Masterseek, its clients and Marketwire."

Since its inception in 1999, Masterseek has emerged as the preferred business search engine and analysis tool for companies looking for potential clients and new suppliers. It provides users access to a wide range of data through high-end business search technologies. The inclusion of the latest business news and press releases distributed by Marketwire is a big advantage for Masterseek users. The best part is that users can access the myriad range of information and news without any cost. The collaboration of Masterseek and Marketwire is proving to be beneficial for both parties.

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Masterseek is the world's largest and most comprehensive B2B search engine that establishes contact between buyers and suppliers worldwide. Masterseek's unique web technology enables companies to obtain detailed information regarding global, national, regional, or local markets and their actors. Masterseek's global search engine provides quick and free access to, among other things, company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services from more than 45 million companies in 75 countries.

About Marketwire
Marketwire advances the way the world communicates. Serving more than 12,000 clients worldwide through 20 offices on four continents, Marketwire is a dominant distributor of company news releases and other communications. Marketwire electronically delivers global news and information to traditional and new media outlets including newspapers, magazines, databases, analyst terminals, online portals, blogs, and more. Marketwire specializes in maximizing the power of its clients' communications by leveraging the latest in search engine optimization, multimedia, social media, and new technologies.

Marketwire is majority-owned by OMERS Private Equity, which manages the private equity activities of OMERS Administration Corporation and today has $4 billion of investments under management. The group's investment strategy includes the active ownership of businesses in North America and Europe. For further information visit:

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