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All Twitter Celebrity here

Susmita ( - 09 September 2010

All Twitter Celebrity here

Now Twitter is powerful social media platform where all world celebrities share picture and tweets

It is the excellent medium express the thought and share the information of each and every minute of your life. Now a days everyone want to stay with star actor like Amir Khan, John Mayer. If you want to reads twitter tweets of your all celebrities, a new and excellent platform is

Susmita, talks about the creation of as he says “The mass fan frenzy of superstars is growing on a daily basis. Previously, it was impossible to track down celebrities. Now you can get a glimpse into their private life and ask them questions yourselves. The lucky ones might even land up with an answer. However, it is difficult to keep a track of so many celebrities tweeting on a daily basis. More and more celebs are joining the Twitter bandwagon, creating a confusing mess in the timeline of fans. This is the reason why celebtweets launched, a comprehensive one step solution for celebrity tweets around the world.”

Discussing how is different from other such attempts, “ has one of the easiest to use interfaces for such a platform. Everything is arranged in a neat and proper fashion so you can easily access all the favorite tweets in one place. People look for different search criteria while selecting celebrities. Keeping the varied preferences in mind, we have lots of options to satisfy everyone. The page is indexed into several groups for your convenience. This allows you to streamline your search and follow celebrities the way you want to follow.”

Going into details about the user optimized layout, he says “We have created five primary groups comprising of Bollywood, Sports, Politics, Personalities and International. You can easily choose your favorite celebrities out of the categories. You have an option to follow them right on the home page. We update a section called Today’s Most Talkative which lists celebrities that have tweeted the most on a particular day. You also have lists on most followed India celebrities, most replied to, recently added and own site favorites.” He ends on a confident note saying, “If you want the best of celeb tweets grouped in one place, give a try for yourself at and experience the Twitter magic.”

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