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Blogger Paying It Forward with Free Marketing Services

LaVerne Adekunle (LA Exposé) - 01 February 2011

Blogger Paying It Forward with Free Marketing Services

Nashville, TN ---- Ted Williams, a homeless man in Ohio with a silky voice captured the heart of millions of Americans when a video of him singing while begging appeared on websites. The overnight star now, has several job offers and has even sung a commercial for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. This is the power of the internet! Everyone has talent, but what is rare is the courage to follow that talent! Thanks to the internet, people are now finding new and easier means to expose their talents effectively.

“There is a population of people who are immensely gifted and talented, but never get discovered due to lack of exposure or a financial inability to travel to auditions or secure an agent who could represent your interests. Thanks to the internet, there is a global audience online that’s waiting to experience your talents,” says Ms. Yevedda, an LA Blogger, dedicated to publicizing and promoting true artistry and true talent.

LA Expose is a blog that’s devoted to exposing a diverse group of friend’s gifts and talent to prospective professionals and clients looking for the next big find! Through the blog I intend to help people with free marketing services that’ll expose your talents to the whole wide world,” adds Ms. Yevedda.

Among the several professionals sharing their profiles with LA Exposé include Dr. Michele Wright, success expert and author of ‘Dear Success Seeker’, Lumbie Mlambo , Editor-in-chief of Equanimity Magazine, Macaiah Tillman, author of FVRD2WIN, Lorraine Spencer, dating coach and event planner, Dr. Sherron Parrish, international speaker, Didi Tillson, author, Deena Pierott, President-MosiacBluePrint, Latrice Fowler, Lynn Boatner, Empowerment coach and speaker, Anthony Harris, Choreographer, Felicia Spaulding, author, entreprenuer and evangelist, Glenn Keller, founder of Make a Difference Ministry , J A Kuesta, illustrator and artist and several other prominent personalities.

About LA Exposé:

Through their blog LA Exposé, Ms. Yevedda and her friends aim to promote and publicize the truly talented and gifted.

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