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SafeBox Introduces Mobile Privacy App

SafeBox (SafeBox) - 11 March 2011

SafeBox Introduces Mobile Privacy App


SafeBox, the Irish company behind the popular mobile privacy application for Java, Symbian, and BlackBerry devices, announced that an Android version is on the way and that all platforms will be cross compatible between them, meaning that a Nokia user would be able to send a private SMS to an Android or BlackBerry user and vice and versa.With more than 6 trillion messages sent in 2010 (estimated to reach 10 trillion in 2013), SMS is by far the most popular application on a mobile phone and has revolutionized communications as we know it today. People of all ages, social status, technical abilities and languages type passionately every second, making the best use of those 160 characters of space and inventing their own lexicon of anagrams, which are now commonly used on web chats and even offline.

But the flip side of the coin for such popularity is that the privacy aspect of SMS was not being addressed and millions of sensitive text messages continue to be openly stored on the mobile phone, for curious friends, nosy colleagues, jealous spouses and passersby to see.A violation of privacy is as simple as someone looking into someone’s mobile phone, reading their sms or scrolling their list of contacts, behind their has developed a Private SMS Application to help everyone keep their sensitive text messages private and make unwanted mobile phone spying a thing of the past as users can choose which text messages or contacts they want to make invisible to anyone who may be snooping through their phone.

SafeBox is a mobile application that allows its users to easily send and receive private SMS within a private circle of contacts. The entire content of the SafeBox is stored in a PIN-protected space of the phone, and is inaccessible without knowledge of the PIN."SafeBox lets people from all around the world finally get some privacy in their daily SMS communications" said Philippe Joly, CEO and co-founder of SafeBox "We are delighted that our innovative approach to mobile privacy has already attracted 700,000 users in such a short period of time. Our new Android version with extend our reach and reinforce our position as a leading mobile privacy software."SafeBox mirrors the standard SMS behaviour of the phones which makes it intuitive and simple to use for everyone as it does not require any technical knowledge.

The application is available in several languages and can be downloaded from the website directly or from the popular application stores such as GetJar, Handango, CNET