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Mobile Hotspots and PC Card/USB Cellular Market Drive Overall Cellular and Embedded Modem Shipments to 193 Million in 2015

In-Stat (Marketwire) - 08 June 2011


Mobile Hotspots and PC Card/USB Cellular Market Drive Overall Cellular and Embedded Modem Shipments to 193 Million in 2015, Says In-Stat

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire) - At one time external PC card modems were the only type of cellular modem available. They were limited because a user's device, like a laptop PC, had to have the correct slot to use them, and a driver had to exist for the operating system being used. Today there are many more options, including mobile hotspots and USB and embedded cellular modems. In-Stat ( is forecasting that the number of modems shipped worldwide, both external and embedded, will grow to over 193 million in 2015.

"Overall, external cellular modems as well as internal embedded modems have helped get wireless operators additional customers that smartphones alone could not," says Allen Nogee, Research Director. "While these device numbers pale in comparison to the number of smartphones sold, they are very important to mobile operators nevertheless."

Recent In-Stat research found:

  • USB modems are expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.6% from 2011 through 2015.
  • The number of standalone mobile hotspot devices will continue to grow until 2014, when sales of these devices will level off due to competition from other types of devices, such as mobile hotspot functionality in handsets.
  • North America and Europe had the highest concentration of external modems in 2010.
  • Modems in MID/tablets will grow at a CAGR of 160% over the forecast period.

Recent In-Stat research Cellular Modems, Mobile Hotspots, and Embedded Modems: Wherever We Go, WeWant To Be Connected (#IN1104906WH) explores the different types of modems available, and includes 5-year forecasts by modem type with breakdowns by air-interface and region of use. Forecasts are included for:

  • USB/PC Card cellular modems
  • Mobile hotspots
  • Mini-notes and notebook computers with embedded cellular modems
  • E-Book readers with cellular modems
  • Company Profiles: Huawei, Novatel Wireless, Option Wireless Technology, Sierra Wireless, Embedded Modems, Ericsson, Icera, Qualcomm, ST-Ericsson, and Altair Semiconductor

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