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"Shall I Get It?" Gumhoo Helps You Make That Decision

HABU Co., Ltd. (Marketwire) - 18 September 2011

"Shall I Get It?" Gumhoo Helps You Make That Decision

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire) - Gumhoo (, a universal social shopping cart application from HABU Co., Ltd., has been selected to launch at DEMO Fall 2011, in Santa Clara, California.

Gumhoo aims to take the pain out of shopping alone by allowing users to create lists of products they want and get instant feedback and opinions from people they trust. Planning a wedding? Build a wish list that only your wedding guests can access and comment on. Purchasing a gift with others? Share ideas through Gumhoo's easy to use, real time interface.

Once downloaded, the iOS/Android app can be used while shopping offline, by taking photos of products you want or are thinking of purchasing. By integrating with Facebook, you can share these items instantly with your friends, allowing them to rate the item by selecting either 'Get it' or 'Hold.' When using the website, shoppers can manage, track and add items from any eCommerce site by clicking on the Gumhoo tab. Users can share items with others, make recommendations and keep all their online shopping purchases in one place. Taking privacy into account, Gumhoo lets users add only those friends whose opinions are valued or necessary, cutting out a lot of the noise found on other eCommerce sites or social networks.

Gumhoo first demoed at IDEAS Show in Taiwan and has so far seen favorable traction among the country's 9 million Facebook users. TK Chen, CEO of HABU, says that attending DEMO Fall will hopefully open a channel into North America, bringing Gumhoo's convenient and simplified shopping application to users in this important market.

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HABU Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to improving social interaction over the Internet, through combining offline and online behavior. We believe that social networks and other services should enhance our real world lives, rather than detract from or diminish them. HABU was founded in early 2011 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.