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Publishing Expo rebranded reflecting its position as the only fully integrated multimedia publishing event

UBM (UBM) - 01 September 2012

Publishing Expo rebranded reflecting its position as the only fully integrated multimedia publishing event


In line with the ongoing market shift towards a more plural approach towards multimedia  publishing, event organisers UBM Live announce the rebranding of market leading trade  event, Publishing Expo, as Publishing & Media Expo.

Publishing is changing fast, even the concept of ‘publishers’ is evolving as the way in which  content is delivered to audiences continues to advance, with new and traditional channels  combining to create a truly multichannel marketplace.

Publishing & Media Expo, taking place at London’s Earls Court from 26th–27th February  2013, is the event shaping the exciting future of publishing: any content, any channel; in  print, online and mobile. Now in its 8th year, it is the biggest event of its kind in the UK,  providing visitors with thought leadership on the future of this fast paced industry and the  latest solutions and services to stay ahead of the market; from digital to print to mobile to  social networks to tablets – to the ‘cloud’ and back .

Exhibitors, partners and associations affiliated with the show have expressed enthusiasm for  the proposed rebrand with many alluding to the change as one born from common sense  and realism.

Visitor, Hamish Dickie Publishing Director at Riviera Maritime Media Ltd said “The
rebranding to Publishing & Media Expo is a logical evolution that better reflects the
multichannel approach publishers now take".

James Ormiston, MD of Circdata, and exhibitor since Publishing Expo’s launch said “We all  have to acknowledge that what ‘publishing’ in a modern context is about is delivering  content via multiple channels. We are about Media – make no mistake this is where life is  heading and we need to encompass the plurality of the word. Good move.”This sentiment has been echoed by the Content Marketing Association Limited. Chief Operating Officer, Julia Hutchinson said “Putting the media in publishing makes perfect sense. The world is changing rapidly and it is vital that events and the wider industry at large  reflect this. Having recently rebranded ourselves we are already reaping the rewards a  strategic change in direction brings.  Publishing & Media Expo is set to be an unmissable  event for anyone involved in the business of publishing, no matter the media.”

Another key exhibitor, YUDU Media has also added its support with Chief Executive Officer,  Richard Stephenson saying “the re-branding of the show is a very positive move on UBM  Live’s part which demonstrates the forward-thinking nature of this exhibition. Publishing &  Media Expo’s new title is a reflection of the evolution of publishing from a single print  channel to a converged multi-media landscape.”

Jon Howell, Event Manager for Publishing & Media Expo has been delighted with the
reception of this rebrand announcement, “We have a continuous dialogue with our key  partners and having discussed the potential rebranding at some length already, the idea has  gone down extremely well, representing a natural move for the show whilst retaining the  event’s core position at the heart of the publishing sector. As Publishing & Media Expo continues to grow, our investment in new features and content has attracted many new  visitors from across all disciplines of multimedia publishing. Looking ahead to the 2013  event in February we are already engaging our visitors to shape the content programme and I’m very much looking forward to announcing the seminar sessions in the near future.”

New features introduced for 2013 will include a theatre dedicated to ‘publishing heroes’  alongside a’ Top 20 movers and shakers’ shortlist, highlighting the most influential and  innovative voices in publishing and media today. The best and most ground breaking front  covers of the year will also be displayed in a new gallery feature on the show floor.

Publishing & Media Expo’s education producer and former editorial director, Aiden Walker  explains the reasoning behind this rebrand further “Business models are changing,  management roles and definitions are changing, revenue streams are changing, even the  size and shape of what used to be called publishing companies are changing. Brands are  now just as much publishers as publishing companies, and in many ways more so, if audience numbers are a reliable guide. At the other end of the spectrum, individuals in the  equivalent of their back bedroom are also publishers and given some smart SEO and a  following wind can also command audiences of unlikely size.

He continues, “One thing is clear; ‘Media’ is the portmanteau word that describes what we  do. We aren’t a Media exhibition, however; we’re a Publishing Expo. But any meaningful  reference to publishing carries the inherent idea of Media. Hence, Publishing & Media Expo.  No brainer.”